Accountants For Freelancers & Small Businesses

accountant for freelancers uk

We give you an app to scan your receipts plus a Xero Bookkeeping subscription to raise and send invoices to your customers and manage debts owed to you. We also setup bank feeds so you don’t have to send us old fashioned bank statements. Save 100’s on your yearly accounting by comparing quotes from local companies. Most accountants regularly working with a client will add a surcharge to their fee, which accounts for this additional work.

accountant for freelancers uk

If you are hiring a freelance accountant for long-term support, pricing can be an essential part of your decision. Freelance accountants will typically be more cost-effective than a traditional accountant. This is because they are usually self-employed, have much lower overheads, and work for multiple clients at once.

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One off accounting services for Self Employed/Freelancers. We have the resources, the experts, the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. And with over 1,000 accountancy clients in the UK and London, the volume of our work allows us to share economies of scale with you. We’ve worked with freelancers for years and gained a wide range of knowledge on the best way to handle your processes when it comes to finances. Braant knows that you have unique needs in handling the way you collect and process payments from multiple clients, and we help you do it in a seamless way. Typically, a freelancer will regularly compete assignments sourced from a range of clients, and so don’t always necessarily work the traditional 9-5 hours.

As with any financial professional, a freelance accountant may provide general accountancy services, or they may work with a specific type of client. Some freelance accountants will specialise in particular industries, or offer packages of services. There’s no legal requirement to have an accountant as a sole trader or freelancer in the UK. That said, many people find that the advantages of having one, such as not having to get to grips with online accounting software or struggle with paying tax bills, make it worth the investment.


Three of the services can be used by companies employing 10 or more people, but most of the products are aimed squarely at freelancers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors. Some are free, and the rest have modest subscription fees. You don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds a month for a great accountant. Our expert accountants for small businesses and freelancers charge a fixed monthly fee, with no hidden costs.

  • If you are stuck in a pickle they will be there to get you out of that situation.
  • All inclusive packages for growing businesses, including part time FD.
  • We provide top-quality accounting services to many self-employed individuals, and if you are a freelancer looking for an optimum accounting solution.
  • You also get unlimited free support and advice from your dedicated account manager.
  • Your accountant is also privy to sensitive financial information, so you need to be comfortable discussing your circumstances with them, and providing in-depth information.

Due to this overburden, Bookkeeping is sometimes ignored entirely, which can cause severe consequences in the future. We’re a techy bunch here at middlers and quite likely have accountant for freelancers seen and dealt with any unique software you are using. These days most are compatible so we would look to streamline your current software to our bookkeeping software.